The Lone Wolf stars Ierulli's college friend and Media Fundamentals classmate Jake Howard, who willfully took the lead literally on the first day of filming. Principle photography took place in late November - early December of 2014, and was filmed in Oakville's 16 mile creek hiking trail. Having become familiar with the equipment used on A Backup To A Breakup, Ierulli shot the film on his father's Panasonic AGHVX-200, and edited with Final Cut 7. Ierulli's take on the thematic visual style of the film, was a mixture of Terrence Malick meets Stanley Kubrick. Ierulli captured wide angles of the forest landscape in order to glorify the harsh terrain of the natural environment. The camera zooms are used throughout the film to depict the main character as a small micro speck in the dense, apotheosis wilderness. The music used throughout the film is a mixture of Philip Glass's composition of the film "Koyaanisqatsi" (1982) Peter Gabriel's music from "The Last Temptation of Christ" (1988). The music Ierulli chose for the film, provides an ambient, godly mythical feel that coincides with the setting of the film in barren land, and is somewhat relevant to the history of human civilization that originally spawned from the wilderness. Ierulli completed the film in December as he uploaded the film to YouTube for public viewing. This dramatic piece is a testament to the technological direction our race is headed, and the consequences that technology may bare in our future. This topic on technology, is something Ierulli expands on in his later films.

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