Background: Plotting the Story The origins of Ierulli's most dramatic and longest short film "The Deadly Sacrifice", started in the summer of 2013, before his final year in secondary school. Ierulli was intent on making an almost twenty-five minute film in his comm tech course at White Oaks Secondary School, as he was determined to take duel-credit. Ierulli conceived the idea for his film as a short four paragraph summery and ended up writing the screenplay absolutely freely, without any set paths or plot diagrams to follow. Ierulli wanted to make a film that deals with sibling attachment, guilt, psychological manipulation, death, and self-sacrifice. His dark tale focuses on Sophie Lehane, a teenage girl whose younger sister Sara, is dying of ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia), and only has one more day to live. Plagued with guilt and sadness, Sophie falls into a deep sleep where she encounters her sister, who blames her for being neglecting and abusive to her in the past. In her terrifying nightmare, Sophie encounters a mental projection of the grim reaper (or the Dark Angel) who explains Sara's immanent death. Sophie begs the Dark Angel to let her sister live, and willingly volunteers to take a life in Sara's place . . . even her own. The Dark Angel allows her to fulfill this act of redemption, and assigns her to kill a cold-blooded, homicidal low-life. In September 2013, on the first day of classes, Ierulli walked into comm tech and submitted the finished draft of his film to his teacher, who initially read it and gave him a "green- light" immediately after.


 MAKING THE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER Knowing he wanted to capture dramatic performances, Ierulli held casting auditions for the character Sophie Lehane, in the drama program of his school. He was looking for a talented teenage actress who could grasp the desperate, and innocent personality of Sophie in the film. The one to nail it was a girl named Elizabeth Bazavan, a fifteen-year-old drama student who got the part immediately one week after. For the Dark Angel, Ierulli wanted someone who could portray a sinister personality with a touch of dark humour. Ierulli got native performer/musician Steven Baranyai to play the Dark Angel. Ierulli also casted other friends and family members to play various characters in the film; his sister Sarah Ierulli played the Hooded Women (whom Sophie attempts to kill), and her friend Tatiana Nahman as Sophie's sister, and Ierulli's aunt to play Sophie's mother. Ierulli shot The Deadly Sacrifice in under eight weeks, and acted as director, cinematographer, picture and sound editor, and even made subtle cameo appearances . The film was mostly shot in Oakville, downtown Hamilton, and some minor locations in Toronto. Ierulli completed shooting and editing at least two weeks before the due date of film. The whole film was shot with a Canon T2i DSLR, and edited on Premiere Pro. Ierulli presented his film in his comm tech, and received high praise and respect by his various classmates. Ierulli's success with making the film allowed him deeper insight and experience with advanced film making, and allowed him to gain more knowledge of the art, and would later serve him as he bettered his talents and versatility with film making, and would prepare him for higher education.