Background & Summery:

The Power Of Courage is a portfolio film that Michael Ierulli made for entry into Sheridan's Bachelor of Film and Television program, at Oakville Trafalgar campus. In order to get into the program, Ierulli had to prepare a two-minute short film that centred on a topic stipulated by the faculty. Months prior to portfolio interview (spring 2015), Ierulli filmed this emotional drama while enrolled in Media Fundamentals. His film tells the story of a young college boy named Daniel, who struggles with overcoming his inner fears, which hold him back at every turn as he fails with standing out in class, defending himself against an obnoxious bully, and going up to talk to a pretty girl he likes. Daniel is emotionally depressed, but eventually discovers his inner confidence to overcome his fears through the guidance and wisdom of his father, who acts as a catalyst to Daniel's triumph. This film deals with a human issue that is very prevalent in many people's lives. Ierulli's described his inspiration as an "intimate portrayal" of his experiences growing up and attending secondary school. Ierulli's film earned him entry into Sheridan's BFTV program, and received positive acclaim by many of his peers. The film was screened at in Oakville.