Portraying Addiction:

   Having experimented with different genres of styles of film making, Ierulli took a step in the satirically obscure

     direction with Cyber Withdrawal, which he made as another film project for his Media Fundamentals program at

     Sheridan. Ierulli's take on the every growing consummation and addiction to digital devices and social media,

     became an overly exaggerated black comedy with deep social meaning. The film is more than just a satire, its

     a commentary on how young people are become addicts to the accessibility of digital devices, and how they

     control and influence humanity's daily lives on a global scale. Ierulli tells a story about a first-year college girl

     named Kate Foster, who lives on her computer and mobile devices day in and day out, to the point where she

     has become an introverted social misfit. One day out of the blue, an observational student named Kyle, engages

     Kate in a conversation about her addiction to social media, and condescends her for being a slave to technology.

     A day later, Kate has a massive panic-attack when she can't get access to her facebook, and goes on a rampage

     through the school in search of a computer to use. Ierulli pondered how a person would react if technology stopped

     working, after becoming exceedingly reliant to fulfilling every single task on digital devices. For this project, Michael

     teamed up with his classmates Ben Chinapen, and Patrick Krawczyk and set out to make this bizarre satire. Ierulli

     was intent on using an actress who resembled the personality profile of Kate, and initially casted the first girl to

     audition, an actress, model, and first-year student in Visual Merchandising named Juliana Nakonecznyj. Ierulli's

     partner Ben Chinapen took the role of Kyle, and gave the character a humorously egotistical personality to the


   Principle photography took place all throughout February of 2015, and was filmed completely at Sheridan Trafalgar

   campus, and some minor scenes shot in Ierulli's home. Ierulli went for a stylistically fast pace look to the film,

   and wanted to use a compilation of different music to coincide with the flow of the film. Since the film was a group

   project, Ierulli and Chinapen had several creative disagreements about the editing, as key dialogue scenes were

   shortened and removed, and the audio mixing was not to Ierulli's liking.


   When the film was finished and presented in front of their peers, Ierulli was utterly humiliated by the end result of

   the edit, that he took all the raw footage and re-edited the whole film on his own, where he made adjustments to

   the picture, sound, music, and graphics. Ierulli published the final cut on YouTube and Vimeo. Having used

   copyright music from various artists, the YouTube video was banned in several countries.

   Watch:  Cyber Withdrawal