The Unpredicted Love Story With The Deadly Sacrifice under his belt, Ierulli felt a compulsive urge to make another film in the latter semester of his final academic year of high school, in 2014. His decision to make this melodramatic gay love story arrived in the form an invite to see a performance. Ierulli had gone to see a White Oaks drama production of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, and it was this particular performance where he first saw talented teenage actors Ally Matas, Glenn McAleer, and Jack Buckland. Ierulli was awestruck by their performances that he became determined to find a way to work with them. In the following weeks, Ierulli spent his leisure time writing a short 10 page screenplay that became the basis for A Backup To A Breakup. He wanted to tackle the romance genre, and do his own spin on the couple's relationship being severed, but wanted to add his own twist to it. Ierulli's first draft of the story featured Anna, a moody young woman who is on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend David, a self-serving narcissist. The first draft showed Anna (Matas) and David (McAleer) having a huge argument that escalates out of proportion, where Anna leaves a mournful David, and the story only focuses on David's emotional recovery brought on by his boyfriend Luke (Buckland), who shows up near the end to comfort him. It is in the conclusion of the story where David is revealed to be having a bisexual love affair with Luke. Ierulli wasn't pleased with the draft, after receiving critical reviews from his peer mentors. Ierulli had to introduce another element, or another love affair into the mix to make the scenario more logical.
 Ierulli's intentions to using another actor made sense for Anna and David's conflict. Ierulli became aware of another exceedingly talented actress named Ella Wieckowski. Ierulli imagined a better ending where Anna breaks up with David without much of a struggle, only to go and meet up with her girlfriend Jane (played by Wieckowski). This alteration made for a more surprising ending that reveals both Anna and David to be bisexual, and to have been involved with separate love affairs. Ierulli decided he was going to go with that scenario. Ierulli met with the individual actors, assigned them their roles, and chose specific dates on when to film. Ierulli's friend, and former comm tech partner Felix Wong, assisted as PA. Filming took place in May and June of 2014. Ierulli's passion to make this film was not part of his schooling, so he recklessly placed his film as top priority along his demandingly important studies. Not only did Ierulli place far too much importance on the completion of this film, but stressed enormously on the availabilities of the actors, particularly Matas's commitment as the central character. Ierulli spent weeks and weeks fretting over the results of this labour of love. Most of the film was shot at Ierulli's house, and one scene that took place in the grounds of a high school in Ierulli's neighbourhood. Ierulli filmed this movie with his father's Panasonic AGHVX-200 camera, a sturdy professional piece of equipment, and used Final Cut Pro 7 to edit the film. Ierulli also collaborated with his neighbour, Robert Klavier, a freelance film composer fresh out of Ryerson, who offered to compose the film's original score for free.