Tomalynn was established in 1973 by Bill and Ethel Hawman. We started with a mixed Purebred and Grade herd, but used industry tool's such as classification, and ROP testing to make gradual improvement's to the herd. Pretty soon the herd was totally purebreed and production was on the climb.

All four of the children; Lynn, AL, Tom and Brad took part in the local 4-H program's which introduced us to the show ring. Early success with homebred cows such as Tomalynn Colleen Ultimate - EX 3X All Canadian nominee in the late 70's and Tomalynn Starlite Pauline EX6* nominated All Canadian 5 yr 1985 implanted the "show bug" in us. Today the recently awarded Master Breeder Herd is operated by Tom and Brad and their families under the watchfull eye of Bill and Ethel who still play big rolls in the day to day operation of the farm.

We are currently working with two mainhomebreed families; the Doris and Sierra's as well as individuals from the Georgette's, Sassy's, Prize's and Lola's live animal's, embroys and some Breeding Bull's are available at all times. Don't hesitate to inquire if anything interest's you.