Thanks for visiting my site!

          My name is Daniel, as you may have guessed from the banner. I am a Canadian interaction design student at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. As an aspiring graphic designer I take on commissioned work and do personal projects to keep updating my skills. As someone who needs to eat in order to live I work as a cashier. I received a media fundamentals certificate in April 2016 and am highly proficient in adobe and Microsoft software. I have tried my hand in a variety of media fields including video editing, sound design, writing for various digital mediums and photography. I chose to continue in interaction design as I felt it offered the perfect combination of artistic and technological challenges.

       I created this website using adobe software. The assets were created almost entirely in illustrator, then sent to photoshop where I converted them from CMYK to RGB and saved them as more accessible file types. I then used adobe muse to put it all together as an interactive site!


         This web page was my introduction to the world of web design. I chose to create a personal portfolio that reflected my own artistic tastes. The entire page is modeled after the modern Dutch art form "De Stijl" which I have always found fascinating. It is my hope that using this style on my page will keep the viewer engaged.