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The historical backdrop of Earth started 4.6 billion years prior, when a huge haze of gas and residue started to be thought under the impact of gravity. In the focal point of the cloud, matter dense and warmed up to arrive at the purpose of atomic combination, offering ascend to a star, the Sun.

Around it, dust started to agglomerate, in the end shaping circles a couple of Kilometers in measurement. This agglomeration proceeds through progressive crashes, offering ascend to heavenly bodies a few thousand kilometers in breadth: the planets. From the outside, Earth was totally secured with consuming fluid stone and shelled with shooting starts. The magma gradually cooled.

The stones set into enormous plates that skimmed on the outside of the planet, in the end shaping as early stage covering. During the initial billion years, serious volcanic movement on Earth discharged gases that framed the planet’s initial environment.

That is the place life started to grow not exactly a billion years after Earth was conceived.  (Earth, 2012)