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Let’s begin at very beginning. How did it all start?

One of the researchers liable for this incredible revelation is Edwin Hubble. During he 1920s, on mount Wilson is southern California, he concentrated the hundreds inch telescope on the night sky. He was attempting to decide whether our milky Way was the only galaxy known to man. In addition, to the fact that he discovered that the universes loaded up with systems; he likewise confirmed that every one of them were rushing endlessly from one another.  Expanding on Hubble’s work, scientists of sand, a little spot that started with a massive inflation that has been conveying matter separated for billions od years. The universe emerged with a titanic extension. MLA (Modern language Assoc.)  (Summie, 2011)

Be that as it may, there is another principal power at play in our universe a power fascination, arranging things – a power we call gravity. The universe extended and cooled, and gravity arranged a portion of the issue to frame the cosmic systems and starts. These two operations presenting elements, extension and compression, were the predominant forces working toward the start of the universe. The growing universe was making matter moves separated from the small seed purpose of its start. Gravity was drawing a portion of this issue back together once more. We currently realize that the universe all in all, from the earliest starting point, has been molded by these two-contra ding and inventive elements.

This double process is wonderfully suggestive of life, of the development of breath and of blood. Our lungs extend and contract. Our heart grows and contract. Inside such a early stage development we appear. In a strict sense, our lives are possible because of this in-and-out rhythm of the universe? At the very least we can say that because of the great exhalation of the universe, life and humanity have emerged and are breathing within it now  (Summie, 2011).