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We have to be more extra cautious of using the Social Network site, stay safe and secured with

the right people online, don’t surround yourself with the online peer pressure and stay secured and free of the anti-bully from social site Facebook.

 Most victims that are cyber bullied are unware of the effects   of using so much of the social Buyllying. Kids and teens should be aware that using the social media can deffinetelly have some danger to them as they will be faced with some users who are in the social media to humilate and bully them.

Facebook is among the highest rate of cyber bullying. In the Cyberbullying: Empowering Children and Youth to be Safe Online and Responsible Digital Citizens book, Mrs. Denham, mentioned about a young girl named Amanda Todd who received numerous abusive texts from Facebook and therefore it caused it with her committing suicide. The author mentioned the reason why Amanda Todd committed suicide; “after an explicit photo of her was shared online with her school peers via Facebook……, she repeatedly received abusive messages through Facebook.” (Denham, 2015).

Even though we are surrounded by great people, as well we have a greater chance to be around evil people most likely through the Social network site. In the article of Merlin Langley, she defines the bullying; “Bullying is characterized by an imbalance of power between the child who bullies and the target (another child).” (Merlin, 2012).





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