Having, Coping, and Overcoming Anxiety


There are different types of therapy and medication to help treat anxiety disorders. While medication can help control the symptoms of anxiety, therapy can help to treat the causes of anxiety. Therapy can help acknowledge the causes of stress, worries and fears. It can teach ways to relax, look at different scenarios so that the fear of them is removed, teach strategies for coping when it feels like a panic attack is coming on. The two main types of therapy are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Therapy.5 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the most common therapy used to treat disorders. It looks at the negative patterns of how we view the world as well as how we view ourselves. The cognitive therapy looks at how our negative thoughts contribute to our anxiety and the behavior therapy looks at how we react to the situations that bring on the anxiety. The basis of the therapy is that it’s not the actual situation that causes us anxiety it’s the way we view the situation that causes our anxiety. Therefore, the cognitive therapy challenges us to re-think each situation and to push aside any negative thoughts about it. The exposure therapy pushes us to actually expose ourselves to the situations that cause our anxiety so that we see that the situation was not as bad as we had imagined and we take control of our thoughts about it and remove the negativity. Other therapies that are used to help treat anxiety are relaxation, meditation, exercise, hypnosis and biofeedback. People also need to educate themselves about anxiety and learn what their triggers are. Only then can they work towards overcoming or at least managing their anxiety.