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National Comics (better known as DC Comics) brought out a series call The Justice League of America, having many of their will liked character, such as Batman and Superman, together to form an incredible team of crime fighters. To counter this, Goodman went to his editor Stan Lee and asked him to create a story that could rival their competitors. With the help of an artist by the name of Jack Kirby, The Fantastic Four was released in 1961.Stan Lee


“A team such as comicdom had never known…the characters would be the kind of characters [he] could personally relate to; they'd be flesh and blood, they'd have their faults and foibles”, was the vision that Lee did his best to show with his characters. This changed the face of comics for years to come, not only focusing on the character superpowers or abilities, but also on their more human side of their personality; the lives they lived outside of their crimefighting and how both worlds would merge at times causing unforeseeable issues for the characters. Stan Lee did his best to add socially appropriate character with plots that came also directly from new headline that would draw in readers, while maintaining the political norms of the Cold War. Lee believed that having a more realistic world for the heroes would help the reader connect more with the audiences.First Fantastic Four Comic


Through out the years Marvel faced some trouble, with the company changing hands multiple time during 1980s and 90s; in 1991they finally became a publicly own company. It isn’t until 1996 that Marvel Comics filed for bankruptcy, due to dubious management and lack of comic sales. Two years later, Marvel Comics came out of bankruptcy and started branching out into different fields of media, such as digital comics, videogames, movies, etc. Finally, in 2009 Marvel was bought over by Walt Disney Company. To this date, they have been creating more characters, expanding their literature universe with the help of the multiverse theory, and evidently thriving with their well-earned success.

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X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut #1
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut #1

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Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Final Trailer

With the spread of COVID-19 Marvel have confirmed their new release dates for future projects as followed:
  • 2020
  • Black Widow - November 6
  • 2021
  • The Eternals - February 12 Shang-Chi and the Legends of The Ten Rings - May 7 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - November 5
  • 2022
  • Thor: Love and Thunder - February 18 Black Panther - May 6 Captain Marvel 2 - July 8
** Dates are subjected to change**