Your Guide To Pregnancy

Birthing Options

Nowadays, females have the option to decide how they want their baby to be brought into the world.

Birthing Options

  1. Natural

  2. Vaginal

  3. Caesarean

Natural Birth

Having a natural birth at home requires no medication or intervention. Mothers will go into labor when their body is ready without any external induction methods, such as stripping the membranes.

When mothers go for this birthing route, natural pain management strategies can include:

  • listening to music

  • massaging

  • using heat

  • movement

  • water

  • aromatherapy

A natural childbirth can be an exhilarating, empowering, and a rewarding life experience not just for the mother but for fathers and partners as well.

Vaginal Birth

Almost all women deliver their babies in the hospital. It is common to deliver vaginally with an epidural and it is widely available and culturally accepted that many women consider it the normal way to give birth.

Epidural is a medication that specifically eliminates pain during labor and childbirth.

Caesarean Birth

In certain situations where a vaginal delivery is not the best option for the mother and baby, a health care specialist may want the mother to go for the Caesarean option.

The Caesarean option is when the baby will be delivered through incisions in the mother’s abdomen and uterus.

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