Your Liver

Symptoms and Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis


As to treatment and prevention, generally the scarring in cirrhosis is irreversible which means that once the liver is scarred, it is permanently damaged but that does not mean your liver will not function properly. To completely avoid the scarring of your liver, it is important to prevent damaging it in the first place. For example, completely stopping over alcohol consumption, or if you are unable to stop your urges, consuming alcohol in moderation may reduce the risk of liver damage, that way the liver will not have a hard time of detoxifying your body after the consumption of heavy alcohol. Taking some over-the-counter painkillers can also trigger liver damage that is why it is best to consult to your doctor before taking any medications or to read the box for directions first to gain knowledge of the right amount or dosage, or how often you can to take the painkillers. Although in most cases, with advanced cirrhosis where the liver stops functioning, a liver transplant might be needed but sometimes the transplant can also fail or can cause more complications, not only to your liver but to your other organs as well.