Your Liver

Symptoms and Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver CirrhosisLiver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a type of cancer and is a technical term describing architectural changes in the liver. It occurs when cells in your liver are wounded or damaged and die off, usually the dead tissue that was previously full of living cells becomes fibrotic. Meaning it becomes condensed with heaps of protein and forms scar tissues. So when your liver is steadily forced to detoxify alcohol, or subject to a viral aggression for a long period of time like human papillomavirus, HPV, or any other damages that cause a long term or continual state of liver cell or hepatocyte destruction and irritation, your liver can become seriously scarred and damaged to the point where it can be fatal.

In layman’s term, liver cirrhosis means cessation of effective liver functions. The liver stops making its proteins effectively, it also stops metabolizing sugar and other nutrients as effectively and ultimately can lead to protein deficiencies and other functional deficiencies. More importantly, when the liver becomes more cirrhotic or scarred as time progresses, its blood flow becomes dramatically altered and this can result into a lot of life-threatening complications.