Your Liver

Symptoms and Treatments for Liver Cirrhosis

Causes and Symptoms

Most common cause of liver cirrhosis is chronic alcoholism. It is where people do not know how to control the amount of alcohol they put in their system making their livers suffer due to a high volume of alcohol it need to detoxify, hence damaging it. Another disease that can damage your liver permanently is hepatitis B, C and D. You can get this disease through unprotected intercourse or through body fluids of an infected individual. Finally, painkillers. In most cases, over-the-counter pain killers are safe when taken properly. But one of the most known risk of painkillers is the overdose from acetaminophen that can lead to liver damage. Acetaminophen is a drug used to treat any kind of bodily pain, but it can also cause cirrhosis when taken more than the regular dose. Small doses can also lead to cirrhosis if taken regularly

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