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Effects of Cancer

Hearing loss: Chemotherapy medications and high doses of radiation therapy to the brain can damage hearing. Let your provider know right away if you notice changes.

Heart issues: Chemotherapy and radiation to the chest can damage the heart and blood vessels. Your provider might recommend a healthy diet, weight loss, exercise, medications and other steps.

Hormonal changes: Hormone treatments to fight cancer can cause side effects such as joint pain, fatigue, memory loss, mood changes, reduced sex drive and weight gain. Your provider might suggest hormone replacement or couples therapy to help intimacy.

Hypothyroidism: Radiation therapy can cause your thyroid gland to produce too little thyroid hormone. Effects can include constipation, dry skin, temperature sensitivity and weight gain. Medication can help.

Incontinence: Newer surgical techniques have made this less likely, but urine leakage can be a problem if you had your prostate or bladder removed because of cancer. Treatment may include exercises, behavior management, medication, and in some cases, surgery.

Infection: Chemotherapy can deplete infection-fighting white blood cells, leaving you vulnerable to infections. Hand-washing, staying clean and using extra care with food safety are preventive measures.