Treatments for Obesity

There are a wide variety of treatments available that one can choose from to fit their specific needs. A journal written by Adam Gilden Tsai, and Daniel H Bessesen, mentioned “All patients wishing to lose weight should be encouraged to monitor their diet and physical activity and should be referred to high-intensity behavioral programs. Some patients with obesity may also benefit from pharmacotherapy or bariatric surgery.

A combination of exercise and diet is more effective than either alone,20 and long-term, low-intensity exercise such as walking is as effective as high-intensity activities.9 This is important because most obese patients are unaccustomed to sporting activities and will drop out of such vigorous regimens

Anyone affected by obesity should start now if not already looking into the steps they must take to start taking proper care of themselves and getting on the right track of becoming healthy. As we learned, obesity comes with many complications of its own, but if left untreated and if worsens can lead to other health issue—even death.

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Help Centres

To learn more about obesity including health factors/risk and treatments, here are three organizations and websites to consider looking into: