What Causes Obesity

Stored Energy Energy Storage. “Food is digested to the basic nutrients – glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. Therefore, food eaten concomitantly that is in excess of energy requirement will be stored as fat.

Metabolic RateBasal Metabolic Rate. “Calorimetric measurement requires abstinence from strenuous physical activity the day before, a state of mental relaxation and an ambient environmental temperature that does not evoke shivering or sweating. It otherwise termed resting energy expenditure (REE).

Prenatal/postnatal. “Poor maternal nutrition adversely imprints the fetal metabolism, conferring permanent effects on later growth, body shape, fatness and energy regulation of the child.


Medical ConditionMedical conditions. “Some medical conditions such as Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism predispose patients to obesity.



MedicationMedicines. Some drugs are known to cause weight gain, “and some ‘weight friendly’ alternatives. Clinical decisions should balance the benefits of a drug against its propensity for causing side effects, including promotion of excess weight.


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Did you know?

Obesity and Genetics ·It has been clear for a long time that genetic factors are involved in the pathogenesis of obesity. it is not hard to appreciate how complex inherited genetic polymorphisms can lead to variations in fat mass – to which the genetic contribution is almost70%. It is also the nature of this system that makes the failure of ‘dieting’ inevitable.