Painting: An Art Form

Painting and its important aspects including the benefits, techniques, and modernization.

Techniques of Painting

To initiate with, there are different styles of painting and oil and acrylic are the two main mediums of painting which are being used today. Based on this there are a few painting techniques as mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a popular method used to paint by several artists. In this, paint colors are mixed directly from the tubes onto the canvas. As stated by Kimberly Adams, “You can achieve an endless number of finger-painting techniques by varying the size of the stroke, the amount of paint, and the pressure that you apply to the canvas.” Finger painting is the work of layers and as soon as the colors fall on canvas, they get mixed with each other.

Block Printing, Stenciling, and Spattering

There are three different techniques mentioned above which are also popular in the world of painting. Following tables include their explanation and some more information about these.

Techniques Explanations
Block Printing Different wooden pieces include special patterns on them and then these are used as stamps with different colors on the painting area.
Stenciling It is done by drawing different shapes on card stocks and cutting them out. After that, these stencils are placed on a paper or canvas and are used to plan the composition of a painting.
Spattering In this, a paint is poured into a bowl and mixed with water. Then a brush is dipped into it and after that the paint from the brush is spattered on the canvas using palm.

Circular, Crosshatching, and Random strokes

As clear by the names, these paintings include palette as a major component. Moreover, Yiqi Li also states, “A palette knife enables me to express raw emotions, such as happiness, excitement, calmness, and serenity.”A proper explanation has been given below:


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