Painting: An Art Form

Painting and its important aspects including the benefits, techniques, and modernization.

Modernization in Painting

Modernization is good but it has not been accepted by several people. As written by Hilton Kramer, “…burden of the painting art and surrounded it with a constellation of technical devices….” However, there are several other proofs of this that people did not like it much as digital painting is not so appealing.

As obvious, the modernization in painting has its drawbacks as it is focusing on digital painting and not on the manual one. But we cannot ignore its advantages as it is now more interesting and popular. Digital painting has given us a chance to aware our modern generation about the different types of paintings. However, there are several people who still like to adopt early methods of paintings.

But we cannot ignore the fact that painting is losing its track in the modern world. However, there are several techniques which are keeping it alive in this modernized world, but still it is coming to the end and we need to take some steps to save this creativity.

A Modern Art Piece