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Symptoms of different types of Cancer

Breast Cancer

The main symptom of breast cancer is an irregular lump or inflammation in the breast. But it not necessary that lump will only visible beside the breast it can also be seen under the arms. Moreover, changes in the skin or around the breast, abnormal nipple discharge. And, the changes in breast surface and unexplained breast pain are also the signs of breast cancer.

Lung Cancer

Early warning signs of lung cancer are: A new cough that is worse or change in the existing chronic cough. Sometimes it starts bleeding with the cough. The amount of the blood can be small or large. Moreover, pain in shoulders, chest that may get worse during laughing, coughing, or deep breathing. Sudden shortness of breath that occurs on daily basis. Additionally, the loss of weight without trying and swelling in the lymph nodes above the collarbone is also a very important sign to look for if you are suspicious about lung cancer. Furthermore, abnormal sounds in the lungs.

Bladder Cancer

The indications of bladder cancer are change in urine color It may turn orange, pink, or darker red and it hurts or burns when you pee. It also leads to confusion because sometimes you will feel like you have to pee even if your bladder’s not full. Moreover, your feel weak and your lower back hurts. It also leads to bleeding in the urine

Skin Cancer

The symptoms which can be seen in skin cancer patients are a waxy bump, a flat, flesh-colored car-like lesion, a bleeding or scabbing that heals and returns, or it can be a mole that changes in size, color or feel that bleeds. It can be a painful scratch that itches or burns.

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