Types of Stress and Anxiety along with their Supportive example:


Physical Stress:

Physical StressPhysical stress refers to the stress that affects a person’s body physically. For example, if a person lifts the oversized or overweight boxes all alone and it leads to physical injury to him, thus it will consider as the physical stress.

Mental Stress:

Mental StressMental stress refers to the stress that can affect the person’s state of mind. For example, if a person has a deadline for the completing some assignment, but he/she is not able to meet that deadline, which makes him/her restless as they are very much worried about their grades, thus this leads to a mental stress to a person.

Emotional Stress:

Emotional StressEmotional stress refers to the stress which emotionally affects the person’s behavior and inner soul. For example, if a person is really attached to any other person, who is very close to him/her, but that person is behaving very rudely to them or he/she broke up the relation with that person, then this leads to the emotional stress as that they both will have the trust issues and that person will not be able to trust anyone again.

Acute Stress:

Acute StressAcute stress refers to the stress, which is the temporary stress, which affects the person state of mind for the temporary basis as after sometimes the person will able to do their work in flow again. The example for this one would be criticism faced from society, traffic jam and many more.

Chronic Stress:

Chronic StressChronic stress refers to the stress and anxiety, which is the permanent stress, and which can affect the person on the permanent basis as if this stress happens to any person, then it would become very difficult for that person to come out from that stress. For example, death of a spouse, major accident which leads to the serious injury.


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