Solutions for the problems mentioned in the previous page:

Solution to the first problem:

In order to resolve the issue regarding major disorders and study burden, I think the universities should take any measures, as if more and more students would commit suicide again and again then as a result, the university would lose their name and fame from the society and no parents would like to send their child in the university for doing studies.

Conclusively, there would be raise in overall percentage of illiterate people


Solutions to the problem related to intenet Addictions:

In order to resolve the issue with Internet Addiction, an individual needs to be aware about the proper usage of the internet as it is worldwide network which has no boundaries limit, so an individual needs to set his/her own limits for the internet in order to get the success.

Because, no doubt the Internet is beneficial tool, but sometimes it can be harmful to an individual as it can totally distract the individual from their career, job and even from their respective society.

Hence, it can become a stressful situation for an individual when they left isolated from their society and friends.


Solutions to the problem of Traditional and Cyber Bullying:

In order to find the solution for the traditional as well as Cyber bullying, the school authorities should take the topic into consideration and must take some actions against the persons, who are playing with the lives of the innocent people as because of only these students who are doing these bullying activities, the whole student community is getting involved in this crime.

Thus, to give them some punishments, here are some strategical plans that are listed below:


(Jr., 2017, pp. 44-45)

Thus, by following these strategies, I think the school authorities can resolve the issue of bullying.

Solution to the problem of Ignorance of the Parents towards their Child:

In this part, according to me, the solution could be different according to different situations, as sometimes, a child can feel ignorance if their parents are from working class and they have to do 80% of their day in office.

Therefore, it is hard for them and this can become a problem for them as well as they sometimes feel guilty, but they cannot do anything for their child at a present time in order to make their child's future brighter.

However, on the other side, some parents do not care about their child and this leads to again same problem as mentioned above that is ignorance of a child.

So, in conclusion, I will like to say to all parents as well as all children that understand each other and think twice about each other before taking any harsh step.

Because sometimes your harsh step can destroy the lives of others.

As for all parents, the child is most important diamond which they do not want to lose in any case and for their better future, they can even do a lot of struggle.

So, kids always think about your parents before doing any harsh act.



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