Some Causes and their Effects of Stress and Anxiety:

Problem of Stress:Major Mood disorder among college going Students

The Major Cause of Stress and Anxiety in College age:

Firstly, the main reason for the stress among college going students arises from the major mood disorders as according to study, mood and anxiety disorders are very common among college going students so as per statics 18.5% of college students were graphed in last one year.


Deadlines BurdensAnd, out of them, almost 16.7% diagnostic with stress and anxiety disorder as it is evident from the university counseling centers that due to increased burden of the studies, majority of the students were seeking help from the university regarding mental health issues, which means they were not be able to handle the stress.


Nevertheless, out of these 16.7% almost 8.8% of them try to commit suicide or committed suicide (Eisenberg, 2019, pp. 590-591) as the reason behind their suicide is that they were not able cooperative pressure, hence, firstly they went into the great depression and feel restlessness and then as a consequence they commit suicide.

Second Cause:

Apart from the university pressure, there are number of other reasons that can result in stress to the students at any level of education.

Internet Addiction to college StudentsAnd, one of them is an Internet addiction. As we all know, in these days, everyone in the world is connected through internet and it opens many doors for an opportunity for everyone. As, this is very beneficial tool for every college student which can help them all to do numerous researches about their courses and careers.

In addition to the researches, this can help them to find the good jobs for them from several job sites like Indeed, Linked-In, Glassdoor and many. So, through this tool, they can know about the requirements for each job and then they prepare themselves accordingly.

Facebook and Instagram LogoBut, on other hand, some sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also available for free access, which looks very tempting to these students as from these sites they can make number of friends from different cultures which is very good as they can expand their links to all over the world through these sites.


However, if they use these sites in the wrong way, then this can also destroy their careers, this can create a lot of problems and even stress to the student if they get addicted to it.

As, this addiction can also destroy their social life as well because these students would not be able to cooperate with their respective society and as a result, can face the loneliness.

Additionally, according to the study, if the person is totally addicted to the Internet, then they will hinder themselves from the society, so they will not aware about the things that are going on nearby them in society (US, 2016, p. 258).

Thus, accordingly they will remain isolated in the society and they will never have any offline interactions with anyone like their friends or with their family. So, in the case of emergencies, they remain left all alone in the society and no one would be there for their help.

Lastly, even they will be too much attached with the theory of use and throw, due to which, they will never have the serious relation with anyone in their respective society and even they will not either have any value about any relation or badly they will not have trust or faith on anyone in their families or friends as they feel like everyone is fake in this society and hence, these all reasons will lead to a major problem called as stress, anxiety and depression. (US, 2016, p. 258)

Third Cause:

Traditional BullyingMoving further, if we take an example of school going students, the main stress and anxiety in that age raise from traditional bullying in school.

As, these students have to face different discriminations in their schools from their senior about their color, race, caste and many more.

Due to these discriminations, their seniors and other people in school start doing bullying them.

Therefore, the major factors that affects the frequency of traditional bullying includes student demographics, attendance rates, school size and students’ perceptions of bullying. (Jr., 2017, p. 41)

As in the article, they have described the statistics and those statistics is showing up that more than 20% of students have suffered and are very affected by traditional bullying. (Jr., 2017, p. 42).

Cyber bullyingHowever, apart from traditional bullying, most the students are bullied by their seniors electronically through numerous ways of communications like email, instant messaging, different chat rooms, Facebook, website and many more that is called as Cyber Bullying and that is also cosider as one of the biggest problem of Stress and Anxiety. (Jr., 2017, p. 44)


Consequently, these both kind of bullying results in very serious issue for both the school authorities as well as for the parents because these school going students are not very mature to handle the situation and they feel very helpless and sad.

As a result, they start digging themselves into stress, anxiety and depression and when this depression and helplessness reach up to the peak, then start trying to kill themselves by committing suicide.

Forth Cause:

Ignoring attitude of the parentsNow, if I talk about the major reason for the stress and anxiety in adolescence or teenage age, then I would like to the describe one major factor that is ignorance attitude of parents towards the child.

As, we all know the teenage age is most crucial age for a child, so it is very important for the parents to keep their eyes on their child and give their support to them otherwise they will dig into stress and anxiety.

As, in the article, a substantial literature depicts that “youth who receive more care and supervision from their parents are much less likely to think about, plan and/or engage in suicide.” (Kim, 2019, p. 174)

Moreover, in accordance to the article, the “parental warmth” and “parental nurturance” are two aspects that have great impact on the child which can protect them from suicidality and suicide attempts. (Kim, 2019, p. 174)

Following that, now I would like to highlight the brief definition about parental warmth and parental nurturance.

Parental Warmth:

The term parental warmth refers to the relationship of a child with his/her parents along with love and affections.

Parental Nurturance:

The term parental nurturance refers to the physical and emotional relation of the child with his/her parents.


Therefore, in my view, the parents need to understand this theory in order to have better future of their child as the effects could be quite adverse.

As, if they will not take care of their child, then the child will feels the ignorance and as a consequence, he/she might think that no body loves and cares for him/her.

And, he/she is just extra burden to the family, and this will leads to further stress and restlessness to them and then further leads to their suicides or suicides attempts.


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