Health and Wellness

Mental Health:

Mental Health is very important. If you’re mentally drained it will affect your physical health and diet too. According to Kniffton and Quinn, “It all starts from taking care of your mental health. positive mental health is generally seen as including emotion (affect/feeling), cognition (perception, thinking, reasoning), social functioning (relations with others and society) and coherence (sense of meaning and purpose in life.”

Anxiety and depression have very bad impacts on your health. Anxiety and depression are debilitating conditions which are known to cause considerable emotional and physical suffering, and which have social as well as economic consequences. So, it is important to learn about mental health and if you have one don’t delay of going to psychiatrist or therapist. According to Prins, “Patients illness representations and beliefs about treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as their perceived needs, are important for treatment." Hence, it is so important to take care of your mental health.

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