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Balanced diet

First of all, most of the basic element in our lives is eating. We make choice every single day that where to eat and what to eat. A perfect healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. Not surprisingly, people are estimated to consume more calories when eating foods from a restaurant compared with foods prepared at home — about 107 more calories per meal. The model suggests that people who work more hours in a week — a proxy for time pressures —are also more influenced by the interval between meals than those who work fewer hours said by Bernstein. Moreover, to eat healthy food one should have the knowledge of food. Which food is healthy which one is not healthy? According to Valeria Menza, “To eat well for good health, people need the knowledge and the practical skills to make the best food choices possible and to practice good, life-long eating habits.” Making healthy choices not comes suddenly, it requires practice and patient. More you stay away from unhealthy items the more you drift towards healthy diet. As Valeria mentioned in her book that “While it is best if good eating habits start at an early age, so that they can be practiced throughout life, good habits can be acquired at any age. More information about healthy diet visit food guide