Health and Wellness


Exercise is extremely important for our health. It makes us active and make our bones and muscles stronger. Now a days where technologies making our lives easier and easier, it is making us lazy day by day too. Instead of taking stairs we preferred using elevator, we drive all the way to gym just to walk on treadmill. According to Lucy Dukes, “Exercise is one component of daily energy expenditure in humans. It has become an important part of healthy lifestyles, because individuals are less active both at work and at home compared to earlier days and because today’s environment makes it easy for individuals to be inactive." As exercise has so many benefits, one of the most important benefit is—it will stay you away from all kinds of diseases and make your immune system stronger. In an effort to follow a healthy lifestyle, individuals have various goals in mind. They thus make exercise and food decisions that are driven by multiple goals. To learn about personalized workout plans and diet plans visit fitness guide