Fast Food

It Affects Adversly on Health


In the journal named “Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University” written by Ashakiran, S. & Deepthi, K. (2012), the factors which are responsible for the appealing nature of fast foods are as follows:

·         Time factor: The addiction to fast food is increasing rapidly because they are less expensive, easy to cook without any hassle and ready to eat.

·         Taste factor: Amazing taste factor also inspires everyone to get influenced even though it is known that this taste is enhance with the lavish usage of salts, sauces, sugar, and oils.

·         Attractiveness: Packaging and decorating equally plays an important role for the consumption of fast foods. In the restaurants and super stores, the food is decorated, packed and displayed in such a graceful manner that tempts the customers to purchase and consume it.

·         Ad factor: Advertising is another factor which impacts on the heavy sale of fast food. Various types of promotion deals, coupons are advertised to increase the sale of food which particularly attracts the children and teenagers.