Equal is Fair


Here is an example of a particular treatment which was a successful Assessment.


“A 10-year old boy was referred for the treatment of physical and mental restlessness, related with dyslexia. He followed remedial teaching for it.

At intake the qEEG suffered from EMG artefacts due to his physical restlessness. On the Quick Assessment high scores were found on restlessness and impulsivity. Depression, anxiety and stress, measured with the DASS were all in the normal range. Emotional intelligence scores were in the normal range. The sleeping inventory showed that he woke up regularly during the night. At school the boy suffered from stomach aches.


Teachers reported that the boy could sit sill much better and concentration had improved. His mother assessed his improvement from a 7 to a 9 on a ten-point scale. Remedial teaching became effective from the beginning of neurofeedback and was ended before the holidays. No relapse was seen since. Spelling improved considerably. Continued education advice changed from “vocational” to “high school”. No more waking up at night, no more stomach aches. The boy simply reacted with “I feel better”.