Rachel Correia


Introducing, or improving your fitness level is not always an easy task, and can be prolonged by challenges such as injuries, mental block, time, and self-view. The most common problem faced is injury. Injuries can be caused by pushing your body beyond its limits while doing physical activities, or not knowing how to properly do an activity. “Injuries result from accidents; others are due to poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretching.” (Jones, 2016)

 One must take “Preventative measures to avoid sustaining these common injuries.”  (Injury Recognition and Prevention : Lower and Upper Extremity). Preventative measures can include doing research or asking for help to learn how to properly do an activity, making sure you are not overloading your muscles, warming up and stretching. A challenge that many looking to improve their fitness face is mental block. This is when your body is in fact capable of doing what you would like to do, such as a pull-up; but you do not mentally believe you can do such task. Encouragement from others or splitting your goal into smaller pieces is helpful for overcoming this. For example, practicing doing half pull-ups then working your way up to 1 full pull-up, then increasing the number you are doing in small increments until you reach your goal. This goes together with time. Many people would like to jump right into changing their lifestyle completely and get discouraged by the amount of time that it consumes or get discouraged by how long it takes them to achieve a goal such as pull-ups. In order to overcome this, it is more effective to introduce 1 or 2 things into your routine at a time, let them become habit, then introduce 1 or 2 more new aspects and repeat. Incorporating or improving fitness is a task that is most effective when it is spread over a period, and the most important parts are to keep your routine, and to be patient.


What Is a Challenge?

A difficulty you may face, in this case when getting into the routine of working out.