This could happen to you


As the exact cause of pre-eclampsia is unknown, there are no reliable ways to predict who will suffer from it. CITATION DrJ11 \l 1033  (Atkinson, 2011)

There has been a lot of research done with respect to the cause of pre-eclampsia, most doctors or scientist have narrowed it to the placenta or generic, however know one really knows the true cause of the maternal condition that has taken the lives of many babies and the mothers.

Causes Complications
Placenta not working how it should Premature Birth
poor nutrition Epliepsy,cerebal palsey, vision
Lack of blood flow to uterus Learning disabilities
Genes Strokes, heart failure
Babies<2 years apart,> 10 years apart Bleeding from liver
In-vitro fertilization Fluid build up in chest
History of pre-eclampsia Bleeding after birth
Blood bressure before pregnancy