Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder


Once a child has already been seen by specialist, have these reports to all those that need to be notify such family doctor and the school. The more they know about the child, the better they will be able to discuss parents’ concerns. AD/HD is a disorder that affect the brain and behavior. There are not cure for AD/HD, but there are several options that can help a child manage their symptoms.

After the kids are diagnostic, the physician can recommend to take medications and follow a treatment, make regularly visit to the doctor and see how the child is responding to the medicament and see if he/ she need to change the doses to help him/her to improve. In many case it help improve a lot.

It is important to know what doses every child with ADHD needs because they are not all the same. Some side effect or allergies reactions may appear and parent, teaches and doctors need to know what the right medication is.

On the other hand, some parents prefer to do not give medication to their child and go for other alternatives such as used different methods to help their child overcome their weakness and used their strengths.

Some of techniques are:

  1. Establish rules with routine.
  2. Keep it simple and specific.
  3. Make thing fun but keep it firm.
  4. Individualize with interests.
  5. Address time and transitions, managing and respect time.
  6. Encourage to make goals and take responsibilities.
  7. Make planning and schedules for tasks and homework