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Body Types

Body types are divided to three parts.

  1. Ectomorphs

  2. Endomorphs

  3. Mesomorphs

Ectomorph: if you eat whatever you want, and whenever you want, and you don’t gain a pound, you are an ectomorph. The ectomorph people have smaller joints, their goal is mostly to gain weight. In fact, just because they eat everything and not gain weight, doesn’t mean they are healthy. Those people need to consume more calories than what their bodies needs and focus on lifting weight at the gym to build lean muscles. They need to increase their carbohydrates intake by 20%.

Endomorph is the opposite of ectomorph, they have bigger joints, and a large appearance, wide frames, and extra fat on their bones. They also have little or no muscles. These people found putting on weight is like a piece of cake while losing a few pounds is nearly impossible. When it comes to the right diet for endomorph, they must be very careful as their diet style is very sensitive. They should lower their carbs intake to 30-40% or even lower.


mesomorph is in between the ectomorph and the endomorph. People with mesomorph usually have large frame and lean muscles, as well as low body fat percentage. They burn fat quick and put muscles quick. They can enjoy 40-60% of carbs in their diet. Knowing your body type is crucial to your overall health. Eating healthy and regular exercised are the key for ideal weight. By now, everyone knows their body types and they should be thoughtful with their eating habits and exercise levels.

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